An Occult Guide to the Tarot

​The occult secrets of the Tarot are revealed in this comprehensive guide to the world's oldest, most popular form of card divination. Focusing on the astrological, alchemical, and magical symbols of the cards, the entire Tarot is explained in intricate detail. Both experienced and novice cartomancers alike will discover deeper meaning in their readings, and querents are assured increased accuracy by utilizing the divinatory explanations found in these pages.

Completely illustrated, featuring side-by-side comparisons of cards from Italian, French, and English decks for the entire Major Arcana, modern pictorial references of the Minor Arcana, and reproductions of woodcut fragments from 15th, 16th, and 17th Century card sheets. No card is left unturned in this essential handbook to the Tarot.

ISBN: 978-1329797796

Into the Abyss

Have you ever wondered what it's like to plunge into foreboding, unfamiliar territory without knowing if you'll ever make it back?  Half adventure novel, half science text book, Into the Abyss follows Travis McHenry, a man so dedicated to solving baffling paranormal enigmas that he's become more than an investigator - he's an adventurer.


You'll journey with Travis as he hikes over mountainous terrain searching for traces of the legendary Bigfoot, and stalks through dark cemeteries while evading a coven of satanic cultists bent on protecting the grave of their long-departed master. No paranormal mystery is left unexplored by the tenacious research and investigative flair of Travis McHenry.


Interesting, engaging, and most importantly, TRUE, Into the Abyss presents sound theories on paranormal phenomena that are unlike anything you have ever known before - and will take you on an exhilarating expedition you will never forget.

ISBN: 978-0557526017

Tales of Terror

Tales of terror and suspense are brought to life with horrifying realism that is sure to turn your dreams into nightmares for as long as you can turn the pages.


Horrible creatures visit helpless children, the hands of fate work to fulfill the destiny of men, and victims return from the dead to seek revenge on the living.  These twenty stories were written with both young people and adults in mind, making this collection perfect for horror fans of all ages.


Lock your doors, turn down the lights, and settle in for a night of terrifying tales.

ISBN: 978-0557268078

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