Grimoire of Heaven and Hell

This is probably the most spectacular book of angel and demon magic ever created.  This book isn't meant to sit on a shelf looking pretty: it's intended to make your friends and family think twice about visiting your home.

For those of you who may have purchased the previous grimoires I created, there is a wealth of new content as well as some content from the previous editions presented in a slightly new way.  For example: there are detailed breakdowns of every angel and every demon, but you will also learn who is your Soul Guardian Angel, Moral Guardian Angel, Physical Guardian Angel, as well as your Servant Demon.

There are also new invocations, consecration rituals, instructions for making infernal pacts, and even a page devoted to creating Hell Water for rituals involving demonic forces.

Vlad Dracula - Biography

My research into Vlad the Impaler has been collected into a detailed book that serves as a perfect companion to the Tarot of Vlad Dracula.  It's fully illustrated with all 78 woodcuts and contains details of my journey in Romania, including my efforts to find the grave of Vlad Dracul (Dracula's father).

This book gives an in depth background of the historical and political situation during Vlad's time as ruler of Wallachia.  It also contains the detailed description of the Tarot correspondence and divinatory meaning behind each of the cards.  It's an invaluable guide for the cards and an awesome new biography!

209 pages long.   Fully illustrated.

Into the Abyss

Have you ever wondered what it's like to plunge into foreboding, unfamiliar territory without knowing if you'll ever make it back?  Half adventure novel, half science text book, Into the Abyss follows Travis McHenry, a man so dedicated to solving baffling paranormal enigmas that he's become more than an investigator - he's an adventurer.


You'll journey with Travis as he hikes over mountainous terrain searching for traces of the legendary Bigfoot, and stalks through dark cemeteries while evading a coven of satanic cultists bent on protecting the grave of their long-departed master. No paranormal mystery is left unexplored by the tenacious research and investigative flair of Travis McHenry.


Interesting, engaging, and most importantly, TRUE, Into the Abyss presents sound theories on paranormal phenomena that are unlike anything you have ever known before - and will take you on an exhilarating expedition you will never forget.

ISBN: 978-0557526017

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