School of the Solomonic Arts

The Scholomance is a legendary school of black magic hidden in the mountains of Transylvania. Folklore says courses were taught by the Devil and magicians were invited to study spellcasting, the language of animals, and all the secrets of nature.  Only 10 students were admitted at a time, and schooling lasted for seven years.

According to the novel Dracula, Bram Stoker's vampire attended the school and learned how to master the secrets of life and death from the Devil himself. The legend of the Scholomance is much older than Dracula, and stories of a school for black magicians have been recorded in Romanian folklore since at least the early 1800s.

In the mystical tradition of the legendary Scholomance, a series of courses have been created for modern sorcerers, witches, or anyone who desires to better themselves through magical practice. Sadly, the Devil was unable to accept a teaching post at this time, so occultist and author Travis McHenry is serving as Professor of the Solomonic Arts.


Summon Yourself: Intro

This course gives strategies for working with ritual magic to awaken your Higher Being. You'll learn how angels and demons can be utilized to overcome faults and focus on your talents.



Summon Yourself

An advanced seminar course that builds on the basic lessons and techniques in the Introductory course.



Existing Through Eternity

In this advanced workshop, you will learn to unlock and utilize precognitive abilities while mastering meditation techniques first pioneered over 2,000 years ago, but largely forgotten today.  This course is by invitation only.




Crowdfunding Excellence

This course will teach you the fundamentals of crowdfunding and show you 12 simple steps to successfully raise money for virtually anything.



Create Your Own Tarot

Learn the fundamentals of creating, designing, and launching your own Tarot deck. This course will take you through initial conception to submitting your Tarot / Oracle deck for publication.



Professional Psychic

Learn the basics of becoming a professional psychic and earn a living while helping others.  You'll also get tips on how to land a lucrative gig with a psychic telephone line.



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