The Original Edition Demon-Possessed Tarot was limited to 1,140 copies and is now SOLD OUT.

Through an exclusive arrangement with Rockpool Publishing, the Demon-Possessed Tarot has been re-released as THE  OCCULT  TAROT .

Original Demon-Possessed Tarot vs. New Occult Tarot

The Occult Tarot is a deck that captures the essence of every demon of the Goetia and traps them in the cards.  One card is even spattered with blood, suggesting the conjurer failed to protect themselves against a violent demonic entity.  These are all graphic enhancements, of course, the cards themselves are pristine!


This deck feels ancient and mystical--imbued with real magic--making each card truly unique with a life all its own.

Original Demon-Possessed Tarot Back vs. New Occult Tarot Back

Many source texts contributed to the creation of the Occult Tarot.

For example:  The system of correspondences between the Tarot and the Goetia was compiled from multiple authors. The descriptions and names of the demons varied slightly between sources; however, whenever there were significant differences, I always used the name in the summoning sigil as the primary name on the card and the alternate name / spelling was included on the lower right hand corner. 

Drawings, sigils, quotes about the demon, and obscure astrological symbols were gleaned from half a dozen different ancient texts.

The primary sources in developing the Demon-Possessed Tarot were:

  •  The Testament of Solomon (100 - 300) 

  •  Key of Solomon (1300s - 1400s) 

  •  The Grand Grimoire (1521) 

  •  Pseudomonarchia Daemonum (1577)

  •  Archidoxis magica (1591)

  •  The Lesser Key of Solomon (mid-1600s) 

Guidebook included with each deck gives insight into the cards.

All Tarot decks are endowed with esoteric symbols that convey subtextual information and prevent the uninitiated from misusing the cards.

Some demons are more powerful than others and require special circles, symbols, or incantations to be safely summoned into our realm.  Many of these demons can only be conjured inside of the Magical Triangle, or kept at a safe distance through use of a magic ring.  These protective devices are printed right on the cards where they are needed.  Every symbol on every card serves a purpose.  Additionally, each card contains the name of one of 72 Angels of the Shem HaMephorash written in ancient Hebrew script under the name of the demon.  "As above, so below."

The number of demons in the Goetia (72) and number of cards in a Tarot deck (78) do not align, so I knew there would have to be some improvisation in adding demonic entities that were not necessarily found in the primary lists of Goetic demons.


Many of the grimoires that deal with Goetic demons also list other powerful princes of hell.  These ancient demons were worshiped as deities before the dawn of Christianity, and most of them bear familiar names, making them ideal companions to the 72 primary Goetic spirits.

Although several authors have created correspondences linking the Goetic demons to the Tarot, this linking is actually quite incidental. The true links originate in the correspondence between the demons and astrological signs (the decans, specifically). Even this system is not truly original as it was derived from the linking of the decans to the 72 names of God (angels who rule over the various demons). This system of correspondence only works for the minor arcana, and previous authors have created significant “doubling up” of demons to decans, making it impossible to follow perfectly when designing a Tarot deck.

After spending several weeks trying to find ways of aligning the demons to specific cards, it became apparent that I would have to develop an entirely new system of correspondence. Using the basic decan system and various astrological charts, combined with Crowley's correspondences and details gleaned from close readings of the grimoires, I finally settled on a correspondence that links the significance of each Tarot card with the demon's power.


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