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An Angel's Own Playing Cards stand at the nexus of ritual magic and stage magic and can be a perfect tool for both. Plus you can use them to play any card game, just like a traditional pack of playing cards!


The images on this deck are the same Kabbalistic angels found on the original Angel-Evoking Tarot. Each card contains the image of an celestial spirit as well as that spirit's summoning sigil. In the lower left corner of the card, you'll find the spirit's name for easy reference.


No boring pips.  No look-alike face cards.  Just 52 playing cards filled with images.  The deck also includes two unique jokers and a bonus Archangel Raphael card!


These cards are made from casino-quality cardstock with a linen air finish.  They're easy to shuffle and are perfect for performing card tricks.



An Angel's Own Playing Cards

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