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A complete Tarot deck evoking the 72 Demons of the Goetia and 6 Grand Princes of Hell.


The Demon-Possessed Tarot is a deck that captures the essence of every demon of the Goetia and traps them in the cards.  The cards are meant to look like they're authentic copies from a deck created in the 1600s by a conjurer and then hidden away in the wall of a castle for four hundred years.


This deck feels ancient and mystical--imbued with real magic--making each card truly unique with a life all its own.


This 5th Anniversary Edition is limited to only 500 copies. It contains two Death cards: Lucifer and Lilith. You may use both in your readings, or select one and set aside the other.


The deck featured beautiful metallic gold edges.



79 cards

Rigid Box

Standard Tarot-sized

The Demon-Possessed Tarot

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