The Hieronymus Bosch Tarot is a breathtaking 78-card Tarot deck that utilizes artwork from 15th Century Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch's actual paintings.


These are not re-drawings.


Not only do the cards look beautiful, but just wait until you FEEL them!

The cards have a Linen finish, so it's almost like holding tiny canvas paintings in your hands.  This linen finish helps the deck shuffle beautifully and provides a nice grip for easy handling.


Hieronymus Bosch actually lived and worked around the same period the original Italian Tarot decks were created, and like those decks, many of his paintings contained imagery drawn from popular European archetypes of that era.​


Pairing Bosch's artwork with existing Tarot cards seemed like a natural fit.  If you view some of his paintings side-by-side with cards from the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck, it almost seems like he was trying to create a deck of his own.


Some of the images were badly damaged and had to be restored, such as the Sloth panel from The Seven Deadly Sins.


The concept behind this deck, and what makes it so very special, is the idea that Hieronymus Bosch was commissioned to create a deck of Tarot cards for a noble European family.  If Bosch had created such a deck, what would he have used for the Trumps of the Major Arcana and the Suits of the Minor Arcana?


Bosch isn't alive to tell us, so I carefully searched through all of his paintings to find clues and repeating esoteric symbols.  This led to the creation of an entirely new paradigm in the Tarot, with radical changes not seen since Aleister Crowley's Book of Thoth.


The Minor Arcana is divided into eight suits of seven cards each. The new suits are derived from symbols that recur throughout Bosch's paintings.

  •  Berries - Earth - Abundance, fertility, harmony, joy, friendship

  •  Birds - Air - Movement, travel, personal growth

  •  Skates - Water & Metal - Trouble, difficulties, indecision, fun

  •  Swords - Metal - Skill and ability, conflict, victory

  •  Vessels - Water - Untamed activity, blessings, sins and salvation

  •  Books - Earth & Air - Knowledge, intelligence, learning

  •  Coins - Metal - Business, career, success, wealth, money

  •  Sins - Fire - The troubles and desires of the human condition


Each deck comes with a little instruction booklet that explain the meanings behind each card.  For a more robust exploration of the deck, there is also a large guidebook available in  hardcover binding.

The Hieronymus Bosch Tarot

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