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The Grimoire of Dark Souls


The most evil book in history preserved forever as an NFT.


The original Grimoire of Dark Souls consists of 40 pages tattered and worn by time and countless attempts to destroy them.

The writer of the book was burned at the stake, and the grimoire barely survived the fire.  Fortunately, a few of the pages were saved and sewn together.

These pages, filled with blasphemy, heresy, and evil rituals, were handed down through generations of occultists.

For members of the Catholic church, simply owning a copy of the book is punishable by excommunication.


In October 2021, to celebrate the third anniversary of the Grimoire of Dark Souls being rediscovered, Bloodstone Studios turned each of the 40 pages into a unique non-fungible token.

The original copy of the book was unintentionally destroyed in 2020, so these image files are the last evidence that it ever existed.  Once purchased, the NFT becomes yours forever.

Click the OpenSea logo to view and purchase the Grimoire of Dark Souls NFTs.

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