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Cult of the Stars combines the best of scientific rigor (there are nearly 100 cited academic works in the bibliography) with a spiritual mindset.


Over 5,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians looked up at the same stars we see over our heads each night. Just like many of us, they believed these stars impacted events on earth: politics, agriculture, and even our own physical bodies.


In this book, author and occultist Travis McHenry examines evidence concerning the decans from the pre-dynastic period to the late Roman era, and beyond. He also provides practical tools so you can utilize authentic Egyptian astrology in your everyday life.


The Egyptians approached astronomy with a religious perspective, one that is still valid today.  Cult of the Stars explores the modern implications of Egyptian star worship and how we have been in close contact with these stellar deities for the past 2,000 years without actually knowing it!


For pracitcal application of Egyptian astrology, be sure to check out The Egyptian Star Oracle.


Digital PDF

207 pages

Cult of the Stars (Digital)

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