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Magicians, Martyrs, and Madmen: A Historical Compendium compiles biographical sketches of 71 famous and infamous people from throughout history. You'll also find lots of pictures and trivia from their lives.


This hardcover edition is limited to 125 copies, each numbered and signed by the author. The cover is linen wrapped and features red metallic hot foil stamping.  The interior pages are heavyweight, coated with a low shine finish and premium color printing for an exceptional reading experience. 


All the people in this book have some connection with the occult or other spiritual principles, ranging from lunatics to holy saints. Many were persecuted or martyred for their beliefs. Some became powerful through ritual use of dark forces that led them to transcend the mundane and enter the realm of legend.


To write this book, I used primary sources, many dating to the contemporary periods when these sorcerers, witches, and prophets actually lived. In some cases, their own words tell their story.


Once out of stock, this edition will not be printed again!


353 pages


Fully illustrated in color

Magicians, Martyrs, and Madmen - Hardcover Book

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