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The Boschian Bestiary is a book created in the style of a medieval bestiary (or bestiarum vocabulum) which is a compendium of creatures that are either real or imagined.  Originating in the ancient world, bestiaries were popular illustrated volumes that described animals and natural phenomena.


This bestiary is comprised of 80 woodcut-style drawings of various creatures featured in Hieronymus Bosch's paintings.  These drawings show increased details that aren't readily visible on the original artworks, which have faded with the passage of time.


There is a narrative story told through the eyes of a hermit who takes a quasi-religious journey through the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch.  Along the way, he meets an assorted cast of characters including the Chimerical Scholar, the Lord of the Deep, Conjure Dog, and the terrifying Beast of the Trumpet.


The Boschian Bestiary is a limited edition linen hardcover volume featuring an embossed gold insignia on the cover.


Size: 6in x 9in
182 pages
Fully illustrated in b&w

The Boschian Bestiary

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