The Oracle of Heaven and Hell contains 72 cards combining infernal and divine powers. Each card contains the image of one Goetic Demon and the Kabbalistic Angel that rules over that demon.  In addition to drawings of the spirits, their summoning sigils are shown in stark red contrast behind them.  For ease of reading, the astrological meaning of each spirit is printed on the card.


The cards are the same size as a traditional deck of Tarot cards, but the deck contains only 72 cards rather than 78.  This is because there are only 72 demons and angels in the Solomonic magical tradition.


Several people have asked me to create a deck that combines the angels and demons from my previous Tarot decks, but such a deck would have been prohibitively large and prohibitively expensive.  It made much more sense to join the angel and demon on a single card (using their number as a guide).  This keeps the deck to a manageable size and allows the reader to have tremendous flexibility when reading.


The images on the cards come from a combination of public domain drawings from old books and original artwork I commissioned when suitable images couldn't be found that matched the description of a particular angel or demon.


The demon sigils were pulled from various public domain sources, but I collected the angel sigils from a book of angel magic in the Arsenal Library in Paris, France last year.  Those sigils required extensive cleanup and graphic additions before they were ready to be used as actual tools for summoning.


Believe it or not, you can use this deck the same way you would read with a standard Tarot deck.  At its core, the 72 cards represent the 36 decans from ancient Egyptian astrology.  This is the same system used to bestow meaning upon the 36 cards of the Minor Arcana (cards 2 - 10 of Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles).  If you double that number (to represent day hours and night hours) you will arrive at 72, and from that number, Occultists of the past have assigned meaning and missions to both angels and demons.


While working with this deck on my own, I developed two new layouts that are explained in depth in the instruction manual:

  • The Stairway to Heaven - utilizing the angel side of the deck and revealing the reader's higher vision or future end state.

  • The Circles of Hell - utilizing the demon side of the deck and showing where the reader should set their internal focus or the core of what is troubling them.


Pairs perfectly with the Seal of Solomon Tarot bag.


To learn more about the 72 Demons and 72 Angels in the deck, check out the Grimoire of Heaven and Hell.

The Oracle of Heaven and Hell

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