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The True Oracle of Nostradamus tells the story of Nostradamus' predictions for Catherine de Medici, the notorious Queen of France who has been called “a sinister Queen noted for her interest in the occult arts.”


This oracle deck contains the revealed wisdom of Nostradamus through new translations of his 1555 work Les Prophéties undertaken by occultist Travis McHenry. 


Although this is an oracle deck, the 58 cards are divided into a Major and Minor Arcana like the traditional Tarot.


The 22 Major Arcana cards will be familiar to any fan of Tarot cards, and the remaining 36 Minor Arcana cards fit very neatly into the meanings and imagery of the Rider-Waite-Smith Minor Arcana.


Every deck includes a 68-page illustrated guidebook with detailed information about each card as well as a prophecy of Nostradamus that relates to that card. The cards have a beautiful linen finish for smooth shuffling.


58 cards

Standard Tarot-size

The True Oracle of Nostradamus

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