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The Echols Sigil Oracle

The Echols Sigil Oracle is a deck of 42 cards designed to bring your spiritual practice to a higher level. This deck was conceived and created through the partnership of authors and practicing magicians Damien Echols, Travis McHenry, and Lorri Davis.

Now Available on Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign for this deck smashed its funding goal in under two hours and was recognized as a "Project We Love" by the Kickstarter staff.


Red Gilding on Edges

Although the cards have a rough appearance, no detail has been overlooked. The edges feature beautiful red gilding and the faces of the cards have red and silver foil inlay.


Path to Self-Improvement

The entire deck is laid out on a path to self-improvement and higher spirituality. The cards may be utilized in a variety of ways, including ritual, divination, or devotional.


Archangel Summoning Sigils

These cards provide an easy way to summon the powers of the archangels. Depending on which energy you need, simply pick up the card and incorporate it into your existing magical practice.

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