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Evoking 144 Spirits at Once

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Evocation of the 144 Spirits and 36 Stellar Gods

This operation took place in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 31, 2002 between the hours of 9:30pm and 12:30am.

Length: Including set-up and tear-down/cleanup before and after, the entire operation took about five hours. The core ritual was around three hours.

Location: I chose my home office as my sacred space as I have conducted many routine evocations/summonings in this room before and it is the location of my permanent altar.

An edited video of the ritual:

Pre-ritual preparation

I began earlier in the day by creating an audio recording of myself reading out the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) as outlined by Damien Echols in his book High Magick. This would allow me to freely “guide myself” through the ritual later without use of a book or worrying about screwing it up.

At 8pm, I began transforming my office into a space suitable for a large, long ritual. I removed most of the furniture and thoroughly vacuumed the carpet and floor. I also removed any artwork from the walls that was not specifically magical/spiritual.

Next, I set up the space. First step was setting up an offering altar at the northern side of the room. The altar had physical items which I wished to either share with the entities or use as totems of manifestation. The offerings were: whisky, seeds, wine, grapes, salt from the Siwa Oasis. There were also evocation cards for six archangels, two Princes of Hell, and the 37th decanal god. Finally, the offering altar contained various minerals related to the decanal gods: hematite, quartz, lapis, and smokey quartz.

My permanent altar, against the eastern wall of my office, was cleaned off and arranged with candles.

Then, I laid out cards for the 72 Goetic Demons in a circle around the center of the room. These cards were the original version of the Occult Tarot, called the Demon-Possessed Tarot, which I released in 2018. It took some time to plot them out, but my intention was to align card #1 (Bael) with the east and the path of the star Sirius, which was rising above the horizon at exactly midnight.

Outside the circle of demon cards, I laid out cards for the 72 Kabbalistic Angels. Each angel was placed above the demon they have power over. Then, above these two circles of cards, I placed cards for the 36 Egyptian Decans, by grouping four angels/demons to each decan. This represents the proper astrological/celestial alignment of these spirits. The Egyptian deity cards are from The Egyptian Star Oracle, which was created for specific use as a ritual evocation deck.

Then I placed four large candles outside the four corners of the circle. I tried to get candles that matched the colors of the four Guardian Archangels, but I needed large candles that would cast a lot of light, so they weren't perfectly accurate, but close. A fifth candle was placed inside the circle. This large red candle has been used in almost every ritual evocation I have ever done since 2017.

After lighting the candles, it was time for me to prepare myself. I dressed in the ceremonial robes I purchased in Egypt in 2021. On my head, I wrapped a keffiyeh in the traditional Yemeni style. In the pocket of the robe, I placed a bloodstone to ward off fear. On my left hand I wore a pewter ring with the Secret Seal of Solomon and on my right hand I wore a gold ring with a small carnelian stone. Gold and carnelian are minerals of many of the decanal gods.

Inside the circle, where the ritual would be conducted, I set up a small wooden stool with an altar cloth covering it. On the stool I placed the texts of the three rituals I would be reading: The Grimoire of Heaven and Hell, The Grimoire of Dark Souls, and a paper with the Evocation of the Decans from the Coffin Texts. In front of the stool, inside the circle, I set up an incense stick (I burned through three sticks during the length of the ritual).

Performing the Ritual

After lighting all the candles and the incense, I hit “play” on the recording of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram which I had created earlier. Performing the ritual with my own voice guiding me was akin to auto-hypnosis and was extremely therapeutic. This portion of the ritual, including the evocation of the Archangels, took about 30 minutes.

Next, I performed the invocation of the 72 Kabbalistic Angels, summoning them all at once. Then, I performed the invocation of the 72 Goetic Demons, summoning them all at once. I could sense that they were somewhere around the room, but not actually present. Then, I realized the archangels which had been summoned during the LBRP were still guarding the room. I gave the archangels permission to allow the Goetic spirits into my circle because they did not intend me any harm. After issuing this request, there was a significant change in the energy in the room.

Finally, I read the invocation of the Egyptian decans. After all 180 entities had been summoned, I set the texts aside and enjoyed my time inside the circle.

Prior to this, I had been feeling very hot and was sweating during most of the ritual (the A/C had been turned off so as not to disturb me with noise), but suddenly, a marked coolness came over me and I felt not only comfortable, but a little chilly.

I tried a variety of things, including laying down in the center of the circle and letting the energy flow through my body from all sides. I had additional decks of cards with me and performed readings with the Occult Tarot and the Angel Tarot while questioning the spirits, using the revealed cards for answers. I stood in the circle and addressed specific spirits with specific requests. I recited a few mantras as well.

During this “freestyle” potion of the ritual, in accordance with the Egyptian custom, I drank the glass of wine from the offering table and ate the grapes by dipping them in the salt.

After midnight, Sirius/Sopdet had risen above the horizon and it was time to end the ritual. I read the License to Depart, giving the spirits instructions to leave in peace to perform their functions. Then, I stood with the Seal of Solomon (in beautiful bi-metallic leaf on the cover of my hand-bound Grimoire of Heaven and Hell) and turned around the circle three times instructing them to “depart in peace.”

After the Ritual

Once the ritual had ended, I blew out of the candles and gave myself a few minutes to consider how I felt. I was simultaneously exhausted and energized, like after running a long distance. I felt both nauseous and extremely hungry. Perhaps most importantly, I felt a sense of general calmness over my entire sense of being. I (respectfully) tossed the whisky and seeds outside for the earth spirits and the bird-demons to enjoy.

The ritual was performed just last night, so it will take time to determine if it was truly a success in the sense of my questions being answered accurately and my requests being fulfilled. Clocking in at nearly five hours, with a lot of moving pieces, this isn't something I'd recommend doing without some serious preparation and dedication.

Why Perform This Ritual?

A few magicians have reached out to ask me why I would attempt this ritual in the first place. I have wanted to undertake it since 2019, when I first discovered that the 72 angels and demons were aligned with the same astrological correspondences. During my research into the Egyptian decans, I came to the conclusion that all 144 spirits are merely "parts of the whole."

The Solomonic / Kabbalistic spirits are actually "expressions" or "energies" of the 36 Egyptian decanal gods, which are actual, real fixed stars (although later Hermetic authors misconstrued them as degrees of the Zodiacal wheel, a misconception that has persisted to this day). See Cult of the Stars, chapter 5.

If the 144 spirits are all expressions of 36 specific stars, then they don't oppose one another at all, but should work together quite well.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Damien Echols for suggesting that all 72 angels could/should be summoned at the same time. He shared this wisdom during the Joshua Tree Retreat in September, and it impacted me greatly. It aligned with my own theories about the spirits and their relation to fixed stars, but I still lacked the courage to actually follow through and attempt the operation myself.

The ritual was successful in the sense that I felt everything come into the room at the same time and nothing negative or unpleasant occurred. Of course, as Crowley says, "the proof is in the results," so let's wait and see how the next year turns out before declaring it a spiritual success.


Jan 03

Would love an update on how your year turned out! Incredible ritual and wonderfully stated here in this document.


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My email is

Shawna Hanley

Del Carlo


Aish A
Aish A
May 09, 2023

Thank you for sharing your experience and also the details about the ritual. Also, Thank you for mentioning about the symptoms. Whenever I work with Angelic energy it is warm and I sweat a lot from my spine and as for the spirits from the underworld there is a calm but subtle churning energy you feel. It would be great to get in touch.


Claudiu Costea17
Claudiu Costea17
Jan 06, 2023

I like what you do. I really appreciate you. I would like (if possible) to get in touch.


I truly enjoyed reading your experience. Thank you for taking the time to explain the entire process. I definitely think you're brave for doing this. I hope you get the results you want from the experience.

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