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Lunar Return

The Lunar Return is an interesting piece of astrological lore.

A Lunar Return occurs every 27 days when the moon returns to the position it occupied when you were born. If you look at your natal chart, you can easily figure out your moon sign, and then go from there.

My moon sign is in Aquarius. So every 27 days (once a month) when the moon returns to the sign of Aquarius, my connection to the moon will be especially powerful. While everyone relates to the moon differently, in general, your Lunar Return is an opportunity for you to reflect on your inner self. It can be a chance for change, growth, or just getting more in touch with what's going on inside yourself.

Knowing your Lunar Return creates some REALLY special occasions where you can maximize your connection with lunar events. For example: a New Moon during your Lunar Return will give added weight to your New Moon rituals. The same goes for a Full Moon during your Lunar Return.

A Lunar Eclipse that coincides with your Lunar Return is an extremely rare event that will open new pathways inside you and increase your understanding of yourself, your goals, and your ability to act on your desires. Scrying with a mirror (as the moon is already a reflection of the sun) during a Lunar Eclipse or a Full Moon can be an awesome spiritual experience.

There's another unique occurrence involving Lunar Returns, and although there's no official designation for the event, it's important that you consider it while researching your moon sign. The Lunar Anniversary is a monumental moment when your Lunar Return occurs on the SAME DAY as your birthday, coinciding with its original appearance on the day you were born. This event will not occur on a regular timetable, nor will it occur in any kind of specific cycle.

My Lunar Anniversary has, so far, occurred only ONCE in my entire lifetime: on my 38th birthday. Anyone who knows me would agree that 2018 was a year of colossal growth and a time for massive positive change in my life. It was the year I released my first Tarot deck and founded Bloodstone Studios!

Unfortunately, it will probably be the only Lunar Anniversary I ever have. I've calculated out my Lunar Returns for the next 59 years and the moon won't return to Aquarius on June 4th anytime soon. But hey, I made the most of that year without even knowing what a Lunar Return is!

There's a website called AstroSeek that lets you chart out your Lunar Return by entering your date of birth, location of birth, and the location where you are now. This is important because the moon entering your sign in South Sudan won't really be beneficial for you if you're living in Miami, Florida. Here's a link:

AstroSeek only displays your Lunar Returns for the 12 months of one year, but you can select any year from 1900 - 2100. To find your Lunar Anniversary, you'll have to search year-by-year, which can be tedious, but it will also show that there's not really a pattern to the Lunar Return. The moon just does its own thing.

As I was writing this article, it occurred to me that someone could seek out when their Lunar Anniversary will occur in a different part of the world, and then make a point to travel there to enjoy the effects. I'm not sure this would actually work, but I suppose it's worth a shot!


Morgan Rae Smith
Morgan Rae Smith
Nov 08, 2022

Hello, I came across your blog when looking up lunar returns and found it interesting that it isn't talked about as much. I checked when my lunar anniversary would we and it is age 38. I checked for a ton of friends and family and also age 38. I tried to look this up and have found nothing written about it. I find that very interesting.


Jan 02, 2022

Thanks. Very informative. I've not heard of this before, so it's useful in that regard, particularly because my lunar anniversary is in July of this year! I've got some big career things stewing at the moment, and timed studies and exams that coincide with this, making it extra interesting. Also, I appreciate the website you cited. Thanks!!👍🏻

Amra Zijadić
Amra Zijadić
Apr 16, 2022
Replying to

Beautiful! :) I was inspired to found something about the Full Moon & Lunar Return, since it's today for me...and got this one. Then I read your comment, Mary, as well and went to astro-seek to calculate my LRs....AND!!! On my birthday, in JULY!!! ...I'll have Lunar Anniversary!!! Plus, 27 is a secred number for me. ;) Fantastic! :) BloodStone Studios, thank you! 😘

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