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The Occult Encyclopedia

I absolutely love doing research. It was one of my biggest strengths when I served in the U.S. Navy as an Intelligence Analyst because I just wouldn't quit digging until I found the answer to an unanswered question. This same passion for the acquisition of knowledge led me to where I am today: determined to unearth hidden, forgotten, and forbidden information from the past.

In my quest to learn and share everything I can about mystical and spiritual teachings, I have created a new online wiki called The Occult Encyclopedia. This treasure trove of information is intended to be a less-rational version of Wikipedia. If you've spent much time on Wikipedia, you'll quickly discover that all spiritual topics are written from a skeptical point of view. Articles on Tarot and Astrology, for example, are peppered with the words "allegedly" and "supposedly." The editors and authors on Wikipedia insist on treating members of the metaphysical community like cranks and con-artists.

The Occult Encyclopedia hopes to remedy this by providing in-depth articles written without prejudice. There are other differences as well: All the sections on the main page are devoted entirely to the occult. The Featured Article is always about a person or topic that directly relates to spirituality. The "Did You Know" section features trivia about grimoires and practitioners of magic. Naturally, the Featured Image is one you might recognize and is likely to cause the uninitiated to recoil with fear. The Featured Quote is sure to inspire you in your current spiritual workings.

As of today, there are just over 500 articles, with extensive articles surrounding Solomonic magic (the Goetic Demons and Kabbalistic Angels) and the 36 Egyptian Decans. At the bottom of the article on the Tarot, you can find a "Tarot Topics" table with links to detailed articles about the meaning and history of all 78 Tarot cards, plus additional links to articles on the minor arcana suits and a variety of specific decks.

Right now, I'm the primary author/editor of these articles, and as time goes by, I'll continue adding more until the goal of 1,000 articles is reached. Then, I can hopefully turn over some responsibility to trusted guest editors.

You can find The Occult Encyclopedia here:

Feel free to share the link with your friends. Please let me know what you think of this awesome new resource, and I hope it helps you along your spiritual path!

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